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Fang Liu

Fang Liu:Founder, Senior Partner, Registered Patent Attorney

Electronic engineering, Telecommunications, Network, Mechanics

Jianming Zang

Jianming Zang:Senior Partner, Registered Patent Attorney

Technical field: Laser, Optical Communication, Electronics

Jiawei Huang (Ph.D)

Jiawei Huang (Ph.D):Senior Partner, Patent Attorney (CN), Patent Agent (US)

Technical Field: Chemical Engineering, Polymer Material, Semiconductor, LCDs, LEDs

Jian Huang

Jian Huang:Senior Partner, Registered Patent Attorney

Technical Field Fine Chemical Engineering, Medical and Chemical Materials, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical

Yizhong Lu

Yizhong Lu:Partner, Patent Engineer

Technical Field: Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Telecommunications

Daeyoung Kim

Daeyoung Kim:Partner, Patent Engineer

Technical Field: Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Automobile, Semiconductor and Control System

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